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 וְיֵשׁ־תִּקְוָה לְאַחֲרִיתֵךְ נְאֻם־יהו״ה
וְשָׁבוּ בָנִים לִגְבוּלָם

יִרְמְיָהוּ ל״א ט״ז

And there is hope for your future, declares  G-D:

Your children shall return to their country

Jeremiah 31, 16


240 people,
from 9 months to 85 years,
were taken hostage in Gaza by Hamas

פשעי מלחמה נגד האנושות

Of these 240 people,
all clearly identified,
here are the name and face
of a few of them :


Aviv Katz Asher

2 years


Raz Katz Asher

4 years


Amelia Alony

5 years


Shiri & Yarden Bibas

33 and 34 years


Ariel Bibas

4 years


Kfir Bibas

9 months


Dafna Elyakim

15 years

Ella Elyakim

8 years


Sharon Alony Cunio

33 years


Tal Shalev

54 years


David & Ariel Cunio Cunio

33 & 26 years

Ema & Yuli Cunio

3 years


Amit Shani

16 years

שמע ישראל כולנו עם אחד 
Listen ISRAEL, we are all one People
There are no more words, only emptiness, an unbearable heartbreak. How can you sing when your heart is broken? Here I am, watching the news. I can't understand... The tears... If we are the Chosen People, how was such a cruel fate decreed? And there are no answers. A thick fog has now descended. Where to turn? The Soul is wounded in battle. Together, we say: "Listen ISRAEL". We have not yet lost our hope of being a free People on our Earth. Listen ISRAEL, we are all one People. We have not yet lost our hope of being a free People on our Land. Atrocities cannot be described in words. The Soul is wounded in battle. We simply wanted to dance. We don't want to see any more crying mothers. What do we want? To live quietly. We have no other Country. And if the earth burns, we've had enough of divisions and hatred. The others are watching us, taking advantage of our weakness. It's time to love one another, to restore hope, to lift our heads, to laugh again, because we are all brothers, not just in times of war. The people of ISRAEL are one family. We're going to win, there's no doubt about it. In the past, we have always won every battle. Let all the enemies 'go away'! The People of ISRAEL are alive! One People, we're all one People who live again. One People, we are all one People coming Home... one People... on our Land... Listen ISRAEL, we are all one People.
All the hostages hope every moment to be saved.
Let's help them
by sharing this information as widely as possible.
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