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Witness to an apocalypse 

The Oct. 7 Hamas massacre that killed more than 1,400 Israelis is being erased. It is too terrible a truth to be allowed to interrupt the beautiful pacifist dreams of the post-war West. It cannot be admitted or even acknowledged that we have witnessed the unspeakable, unexpected opening of a war never seen before.


The massacre of children requires special tools to understand. First of all, we must face it and look at it. We must witness the images of the little creatures who say “I want my mother” while they are tortured and killed. Then, you have to know how to ask yourself how it happened. You must stare the massacres right in the face and listen to what it has to tell you. Finally, put your fear aside and ask yourself how to resist it.

This massacre was not carried out by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, despite his monstrous attempts to excuse it. Nor by the wicked “demonstrators” in the streets who cheer for the destruction of the State of Israel and shout babbling lies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But I would like to force them to sit in the dark as I did yesterday and, for 45 minutes, watch the footage taken by the fiends of Hamas while they massacred their hundreds of innocent victims: the families surprised by the attack and then immersed in their own blood, the excerpts of videos from the victims’ cell phones found in the ruins of kibbutzim.

What are the terrorists in these images like? They are cheerful and disciplined, crowded into pickup trucks and motorbikes to carry out the massacre. Then they begin to shoot and kill the drivers of the cars around them. Once they enter the kibbutz, they have a specific mission. It was revealed by a handwritten note found on the body of one of the dead terrorists and released by the Israel Defense Forces: “Know that this enemy of yours is a disease that has no cure except decapitation and the extraction of the heart and liver!”

We see the murderers acting according to a collective script as they tear everyone to pieces. Allahu Akbar is their blasphemous shout as they hack off people’s heads, each group throwing themselves en masse onto a girl covered in blood and half-stripped naked. They cheer each other on in perverted joy. A plethora of bodies burned alive makes it clear that their satisfaction goes hand in hand with the organization.

These slaughterers have a precise hierarchy: They answer to bosses; they follow orders. They follow it even when they go wild behind a group of little girls piled up under a tent for mutilation and death, to be raped while both alive and dead. The monsters act in organized groups. They are entranced by the crying of infants, by the words “innocent,” “mother” or “child.” These words now describe nothing to them.

They have instructions like those of the Nazi SS when they throw themselves at a father with two small children fleeing a hand grenade. They kill the father and throw the children into a room. The eldest silently caresses the second, who shouts, “Daddy, Daddy, he’s really dead! It’s not a film, I want my mother!” The other asks, “Can you see from that eye?” The little one says no, and it ends there. They are just two of the children whose fate is unknown.

This story does not end there. It is only one part of an organized and directed strategy to depopulate the entire territory of Jews, family by family—an apocalyptic strategy.

I asked Gen. Micky Edelstein, who presented the film, what this hate is and what it means.


“It’s not hate,” he said. “It’s a program.”


As CNN has revealed, Hamas’s preparations lasted two years. The terrorists managed to evade the surveillance of the most powerful intelligence agencies on the planet with an old-fashioned counter-espionage strategy: privileged in-person meetings and landlines based in the Gaza tunnels. Only a small Hamas cell was aware of the plans for the simulated assault—as revealed by The Wall Street Journal—held in September in Iran. Then a larger group of terrorists was alerted, and the hideous orders were given.


Harold Rhode, a former special adviser to the Pentagon on Islamic culture, explained that nomadic Arab culture is dictated by wild survival laws; a once-Muslim land must return to Islam at any cost. There is no limit to the means to do it, from generation to generation, he said.


Rhode stated that according to this culture, you must not only conquer, you must terrorize. Women and children are mere objects that must bleed to feed your desperate thirst for domination. Enemies must be devoured alive. This was the black Sabbath plan, and Iran is its prophet.

If you want the world not to forget,

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Author : Fiamma Nirenstein
Papier recyclé

Earn the right to say ‘never again’
We must have the courage to understand that Israel is the frontline in the battle for freedom and life itself


International Holocaust Remembrance Day has perhaps never been more difficult to observe. It should be a day to contemplate the antisemitism that murdered six million Jews. It should be a moment to reject viewing history through an opaque glass. It is a moment when we must embrace the moral clarity that prevent us from repeating the atrocities of the past.

Instead, we are faced with a world that refuses to learn. Since Oct. 7, antisemitism has exploded despite the images of the atrocities that are now seared into our memories: The children of the burnt kibbutzim; the mothers murdered in front of their children; girls and boys raped and dismembered.

Israel did not only have to suffer the deadliest antisemitic attack since the Holocaust, but Jews worldwide must now contend with an army of genocidal lies, ignorance, defamation and denial.

The peak of this horrific eruption of racism was the blood libel that the once-noble South Africa brought before the International Court of Justice, falsely accusing Israel of genocide. It was a bitter irony indeed to see Israel in the dock rather than Hamas, which committed a genuinely genocidal assault that it documented with bloodthirsty pride. Instead of moral clarity, South Africa and numerous other international players allied themselves with genocidists, defaming the victim rather than condemning the perpetrator.

The world should not be piling on to this bandwagon. Instead, it should be terrified of it. The last century saw epic massacres committed by murderous ideologues. Millions were sacrificed on the altars of Nazism, Stalinism and Islamic fundamentalism. Millions more were persecuted, oppressed and exiled. Antisemitism and antisemitic violence have played an enormous role in these atrocities. Those who target the Jewish people always have the ultimate ambition of destroying liberal democracy and the Judeo-Christian values on which it is built.

This new antisemitism is not as new as it seems, however. It is only the latest iteration of the ancient hatred. As the great historian of antisemitism Robert Wistrich has pointed out, Nazism’s murderous Jew-hatred survived Nazism’s fall. It was passed on to the Muslim world, driven by Nazi collaborator Haj Amin al-Husseini, the founder of Palestinian nationalism. This Islamic antisemitism is the essence of Hamas, supported by the equally antisemitic Iran.

Antisemitism also passed to the Soviet Union and the dutiful left adopted it as its own. Today, this is personified in woke culture, which pits “oppressed” Arabs—who are not oppressed—against “oppressive” white colonizers and racists. Israel is not white, a colony or racist, but this does not matter to left-wing bigots, who have placed Israel firmly in the category of “oppressor.”

This legacy inherited from Nazism has now been witnessed by some who themselves survived the Nazis’ crimes. Gina Semetrich was 91 years old. Originally from Czechoslovakia, she emerged from the Holocaust to rebuild her life and family in Kissufim, a kibbutz near the border with Gaza. On Oct. 7, she was beaten and murdered by Hamas Nazis. Sara Jackson was 88, another survivor of the Holocaust, barricaded herself in her home at Kibbutz Sa’ad, just as she had done during a pogrom in Poland decades ago. She helped shelter three boys who had managed to escape the Nova Festival, where 360 innocents were massacred. Avigdor Neuman, 93, speaks simply as he shows the blue number tattooed on his arm: “There are things that cannot be erased.”

To earn the right to say “never again,” we must courageously face what is happening. We must accept that Israel has no choice but to end this war by destroying the new ISIS on its border, wiping it off the face of the earth.

This is today’s “never again”: Victory in a war on the most difficult battlefield imaginable. One in which every inch of land hides a tunnel from which terrorists can emerge. One in which every civilian building, every house, hospital, school or mosque, can hide missile launchers and RPGs. One in which every civilian can be a protector or human shield of Hamas—which alone is responsible for their deaths.

“Never again” means having the courage to understand that Israel is now the frontline in the battle for freedom and for life itself. And it is fighting for all of us.

Author : Fiamma Nirenstein

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